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Vimcar’s Earth Week 2021

At Vimcar, we are passionate about sustainability and environmental protection. For example, we recently began electrifying our own fleet to reduce our emissions. This year, we also participated in Acton Capital’s one week Climate Challenge in collaboration with the LFCA.

We wanted to work together as a company to figure out how we can raise awareness and reduce our individual plastic consumption.

Our Challenge began on April 12, 2021 with a collection/comparison week where all of us at Vimcar observed our regular plastic consumption. At the end of the collection/comparison week, we then documented our consumption in liters. On average, each person consumed 22.5 liters of plastic during the week.

We actively exchanged ideas and quickly found out which packaging was wasteful or double-packed.

The following week was all about reducing plastic waste. We tried to accomplish this by shopping in stores where groceries were unpackaged or resorted to available alternatives at conventional supermarkets.

Many reported that it was difficult to get food in alternative packaging to plastic at conventional supermarkets.

„It was difficult for some products, mainly in the supermarket! There are not many options in a normal supermarket which are using less plastic. But that was an incentive to use the opportunity to go to unpacked supermarkets more often. „

– Vimcar employee, Anonymous

In addition, the products in alternative supermarkets, the unpacked stores, are significantly more expensive. This is a major barrier for many to avoid plastic regularly.

Food orders also demonstrated the use of unnecessary plastic. For example, each food item is often packaged separately in plastic.

„The most difficult part was probably that you are not able to control delivery services; I once ordered food and received everything wrapped in individual plastic bags which has been frustrating. I believe that delivery services can really be ahead of the game if they consider the environment prospectively and try to avoid plastic where possible. „

– Vimcar employee, Anonymous

At the end of the week, we were able to reduce our overall plastic consumption by 47% per individual.

Which means that on average, everyone consumed 11 liters less of plastic during the saving week. We are proud of that!

We asked ourselves where we as a company could save or even avoid the use of plastic even more efficiently. There were many ideas on this, which we took to heart and would like to try to implement.

The exchange here at Vimcar has shown us what we can all do to save plastic and thus actively contribute to environmental protection – at home and at work. We are excited about how many good ideas we have been able to collect together in order to protect our environment. After all, we only have this one.

How do you deal with plastic consumption/waste? Have you already started to make your life a little more plastic-free?

Share with us your experiences in terms of environmental protection via Instagram using the hashtag #noplasticwaste. We are happy if we can learn something from you – sharing is caring.