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Die neue Online-Messe für Fuhrparkleiter

Nachdem die Fuhrparkmesse Flotte! aufgrund der Corona Pandemie aufs nächste Jahr verschoben werden musste, haben sich die Veranstalter der Fachmesse eine spannende Alternative überlegt. Vom 14. bis 18. September findet die Online-Messe statt. Rund 250 Aussteller werden an der Messe teilnehmen, ein umfangreiches Fachprogramm rundet das Messeangebot ab.

Werden Sie mit nur einem Klick zum Messebesucher

Um an der Messe teilzunehmen, ist kein hoher Aufwand erforderlich. Besucher können sich bequem vom Schreibtisch aus kostenlos für die Fachmesse registrieren. Nach der Registrierung erhalten diese einen Log-In Code, der es ermöglicht sich für einzelne Veranstaltungen der Fachmesse anzumelden.

Bildschirmaufnahme der Webseite
Die digitale Messe bietet neben zahlreichen Ausstellern ein abwechslungsreiches Fachprogramm.

Umfangreiches Fachprogramm

Die digitale Version der Flotte! steht dem Original in nichts nach. Zum umfangreichen Angebot der Fachmesse gehören neben Vorträgen, Workshops und Roundtables auch virtuelle Messestände der einzelnen Aussteller. Hier sind alle wichtigen Informationen eines Unternehmens für Sie zusammengefasst. Zusätzlich haben Sie die durch ein Termintool die Möglichkeit einen persönlichen Gesprächstermin mit dem Aussteller Ihrer Wahl zu vereinbaren.

Besuchen Sie unseren Messestand

Auch Vimcar wird auf der vertreten sein. Auf unserem virtuellen Messestand präsentieren wir unsere Fuhrparksoftware und freuen uns darauf persönlich mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu treten. Buchen Sie dafür einfach einen Gesprächstermin. Das Termintool steht Ihnen ab sofort zur Verfügung.

Eine sinnvolle Alternative

Auch wir vermissen die Möglichkeit auf einer Messe vor Ort persönlich mit den Messebesuchern in Kontakt zu treten. Doch die virtuelle Messe stellt eine hervorragende Alternative dar, um sich trotz der Corona Pandemie über Fuhrpark relevante Themen zu informieren. Der große Vorteil für Sie: Durch die Online-Messe entfallen jegliche Anfahrtskosten und ein Besuch der kann ohne Probleme in einen regulären Arbeitstag integriert werden.

Die Eckdaten auf einen Blick

  • virtuelle Messe vom 14. bis 18. September 
  • ca. 250 Aussteller 
  • informatives Fachprogramm 
  • kostenlose Anmeldung ohne hohen Aufwand


Meet our Fleet | The Dashboard Feature

Vimcar’s Product Team certainly pursues great projects. Read this post to find out why our very own Nike and Lisa saw the urgency for the dashboard feature, and why our customers love it already.

Our product focusses on making the lives of Fleet Managers easier on a daily basis. Within our ever-evolving scope of features and services, we offer digital solutions to address some of the key pain points of our primarily SMB Fleet Managers. For example, through our applications, our users can monitor and control all fleet-related costs, such as fuel or maintenance expenses. In addition, they can access our simple vehicle booking system, drivers license checks and even route tracking and optimisation services. With a solution-focussed approach to our product development, we are increasing momentum towards achieving our goal to become the all-in-one solution for Fleet Management.

We sat down with Nike Oberemm and Lisa Burdeniuk from our Product Team recently, to gather some insights about how the team worked together on one of our upcoming feature releases: the Dashboard Feature.

Team Product

We envision the dashboard feature being the most important overview for our Vimcar Fleet users, to feel a sense of control over all admin tasks, such as bookings or cost control, related to their company vehicles.“

– Nike Oberemm

The Idea

With a customer-centric product, we believe that it goes without saying, that our users should have a strong voice to influence our upcoming features. Through recent discussions, polls and customer interviews, our team recognised that our users were looking for a simple dashboard, that they could refer to regularly, in order to quickly and easily monitor all tasks and necessary actions within Vimcar Fleet.

Our Product Team had this feature on their radar for quite some time, as the increasing complexity of our product would demand an orientation point for our users. With the confirmation from research and customer feedback, Nike and Lisa initiated the internal design and development processes for the dashboard feature.

The Process

Below we visualised the development process of the dashboard feature, to show how Nike and Lisa progressed from exploring the customer feedback, to developing a first dashboard prototype. Our Product Team prioritises collaboration, and operates with a cross-functional approach. That being said, although Nike and Lisa were the main drivers behind the dashboard feature, they were also supported by other teams and specialists within Vimcar.

Prozess der Entwicklung

The Prototype

With the final designs and prototype ready, our engineering team is now in the process of building out the feature. In the meantime, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what the feature will look like! Take a look at this example screen, which shows the odometer being updated within the dashboard feature.

Übersicht Dashboard

With our ambitious plans to scale our SaaS business over the next few years, we are grateful to have a user base that is both willing and eager to share solution-focussed insights and feedback with us. Cheers to Nike and Lisa, and the rest of our driven group of specialists in our Product Team, that continues to prove how innovative thinking and cooperation enables great solutions.

The Team

Das Team Produktentwicklung

Over the past couple of years, our Product Team has grown and evolved rapidly. At the end of 2018, the team consisted of just four full-time team members contributing to the growth and development of Vimcar’s range of products and features. Fast forward to the summer of 2020, and the team size has tripled, with specialists in Product Management, Customer Insights, Design and Quality Assurance. This diverse scope of expertise has enabled Vimcar to make incredible strides in recent years, especially with regards to the features and services we offer our users.


Meet our Fleet | Team UK

After nearly 5 years of success in the DACH market, Vimcar set an ambitious goal last summer: to begin our international expansion! We set our sights on the UK as our first target, and were thrilled to see our goals for the expansion come to life, when we landed our first customers, and logged our first official trip in the UK in April.

Übersicht Fleet Geo

First test trips logged in the UK

We recently caught up with our UK Country Manager, Ronald, who shared a bit about why he decided to join Vimcar. In addition, he introduced us to the talented team contributing to our successful growth into the UK. Check out what Ronald had to say below:

Can you tell us a little bit about Team UK?

Team UK will soon have 9 team members, whose primary function is our expansion into the UK market. We have Sam and Meelina, who are producing fantastic content around the value of Fleet Tools and driving prospective clients to our website. We have Laura, who is doing an incredible job ensuring our clients have a successful launch, and are utilising our tools to their full potential. Michael is very efficiently providing new clients with their hardware, as well as supporting them to make payment and from an operational perspective. Then you have Sami, who helps prospective clients to understand the direct benefit to their business of investing in Vimcar services. He will also be joined shortly by Lukasz, Sean and Christabellah. Last and least, you have myself. I spend most of my time asking the rest of the team stupid questions.

What excited you about being the first person to build up the UK operations?

I was most excited by the opportunity to break new ground and try different things, knowing that it would be fully supported by leadership.

As the team continues to grow, what are the most important qualities you are looking for?

I’m always looking for people who are very driven to succeed and eager to try things, learn and grow.

How do you work together with Team DACH?

Team UK is always watching what the DACH team is doing and has done, and we have regular meetings with different functions. We’re very fortunate to have such a great support from them, as well as from marketing, ops, product and tech. Starting this whole project remotely due to Corona has made collaboration one of the most challenging aspects of the last 3 months, and I look forward to things hopefully going back to some semblance of normality.

What is something typical from home that you haven’t found here in Berlin yet?

Deep fried haggis.

Vimcar UK Country Manager (Ronald Clancy)

Ronald Clancy (Country Manager UK)

We are proud to have this team on board, and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish next. Our teams are continuing to grow, and we are confident that this is just the beginning of a great success story for Vimcar! Meanwhile, If you happen to have recommendations for deep fried haggis in Berlin, please let us know in the comments.